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"Explore your Opportunities

with SNAGP"

Total IT Partner
for Our Clients


We have servers 2,000 sets  

and parts 20,000 pieces in stock

almost wholesales amazing price.

Computer Rental

i5 Desktop : 1,000 per month

i5 laptop : 1,200 per month

WorkStarion : 1,500 per month

UPS(Uninterruptible power supply)

800v potable UPS : 2,980

3KVA Rack mount UPS : 41,500

6KVA Rack Mount UPS : 105,200

10Kva, 20Kva, 30Kva

1. Managed IT Solutions

2. Web Developments

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

SNAGP Service is a leading IT service provider with superb technical expertise. Our team of dedicated IT consultants and professional engineers with a full range of product parts provides high-quality service and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

IT Services

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