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Server Systems


All our products are made by global manufacturers.

We provide those superb quality products of a wide variety at affordable prices.

Dell R720xd(E5-2630Lv2 12 core 16Gb)
2u rack server
Dell R410.png
Dell R410(xeon x5650 12core 8Gb)
1u rack server
Dell T410 of VM.png
Dell T410 2way(x5650 12 core 8gb)
tower server
HP DL380pG8_f.png
HP DL380pG8(E5-2630v2 12 core, 8GB)
2u rack server
Dell R620(E5-2630v2 12core 8Gb)
1u rack server
dell t420w.png
Dell T420 2way(E5-2403 8core 8GB) tower server
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