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All our products are made by global manufacturers.

We provide those superb quality products of a wide variety at affordable prices.

SNAGP Producs is a leading IT service provider with superb technical expertise. Our team of dedicated IT consultants and professional engineers with a full range of product parts provides high-quality service and guarantees customer satisfaction.

We have servers 2,000 sets and parts 20,000 pieces.

 - Emergency Equipment : within 3 days  of arrival,

 - General Equipment : within 2 weeks of arrival in the Philippines.

Server System

IBM, HP, Dell, Sun

We stage our pre-owned inventory in Philippines enabling next day delivery to almost every major city in the philippines. Much of this inventory, including routers, switches and networking equipment, is in its original factory part.


No one is as fast as SNAGP.


When speed is critical, make SNAGP your first call for emergency replacements, looming deadlines, and end-of-quarter/year budget spending. 

Network Device

Cisco, Notell, Qlogic, HP, Dell

Browse our product catalog of new and used routers & switches and find out for yourself why over 100 customers trust SNAGP to provide Cisco and orther brand current and previous generation networking equipment for their mission-critical projects.

UPS(Uninterruptible power supply)

Kstar,  Gamatronic

Online Series

To reach green environment concept, Kstar makes every endeavor to improve the efficiency and input power factor of all the UPS that we introduce to the market, so the Memopower plus series from 1KVA up to 40KVA tower and rack/tower convertible series may reach unity power and over 90% efficiency. 

Providing a Complete Suite of IT Solutions

IT Services

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